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It can be difficult to decide whether to seed or sod your yard. With the kind of sod we offer at James Avenue Sod Farms, you can be sure that sodding is the right choice.

Sod is preferable to seeding because:

It takes less time to give you that beautiful lawn
You'll get immediate erosion control
Sod can be installed at any time in the growing season
You won't have to deal with so many weeds

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Make an informed decision about your sod

We offer two types of sod: Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Kentucky Bluegrass is our more popular option. Tall Fescue is preferable for parks and commercial properties.

We treat and care for our sod to make sure it's in great condition when we bring it to you. You can buy your sod in big rolls or as slabs on pallets. A big roll contains 300 square feet of sod and a pallet contains 420 square feet of sod.

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